International Geograffities
Bawaygame Production 2013

Cam Dogs
on the beach


Ice in California
International Geograffities Shorty

Good Bye Kyra

Dances With Coyotes

Roadmovie part I
Just Roads
From Los Gatos to Lone Pine

Roadmovie part II
More Than Just Roads
From Lone Pine To Death Valley

Roadmovie part III
Pretty Much More Than Just Roads
From Death Valley To Barstow

Roadmovie part IV
Just Roads, A Good Day To Drive Home
From Barstow To Los Gatos


Black Dog


Colors part I

Colors part II

International Geograffities Shorty


The Living Is Easy
Summer in Half Moon Bay

All Good Things Go By Three

2013: Much Space In Odyssey

Bird Bath

It’s Over

Surfin’ USA

Little Detour

Take Me to The River

Get Up On Your Feet